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Let me set the record straight. I’m not here to make you the Bitcoin pitch. There’s nothing against Bitcoin. I’m certainly a believer in the power of the currency. It has – in less than a year – made me an ASTOUNDING fortune. The thing is there are thousands of other types of crypto that are ripe for your taking.

How do I know this to be true? From my own experience. What would you say if I told you my initial investment of a couple hundred dollars ballooned more than 1000x in ROI in months? Have doubts? That’s OK. The proof is in the portfolio statements I have waiting to show you.

My name is Chuck and I used to be a skeptic probably much like you. I knew there had to be something better than the lackluster growth of the stock market without the risk that caused the crash in 2008. This was all in my gut. I certainly didn’t grow up a capitalism doubter.

In fact, I didn’t grow up in anything remotely resembling a cushy financial lifestyle. We were middle class and always struggling to make ends meet. I was raised to have a strong work ethic and to appreciate the conservative, traditionalist financial mindset – invest in a 401K, build an emergency fund, diversify with your stocks.

One day I realized that I was following all the rules without the results. I would check my retirement income balance every now and then. I was never the best at math but even I could figure out that at the rate I was going, there was no way I’d have enough money to last in retirement. And the idea that I’d actually be able to retire – WHAT A CROCK! At the same time, I could see the rich getting richer wondering how they did it. What was their secret sauce?

Again, I felt there was something better out there, a stronger option to invest in. I had heard about this thing called crypto currency. I did some research with a trusted friend, a true math whiz. I trusted his opinion. He confided that he saw great wealth potential in crypto and he thought the whole investing process of it was entirely confusing. That was a big disappointment.

UNTIL… I reached out to an old advisor friend of mine to get her thoughts. When I asked her to meet me to discuss it, her excitement was palpable. She said she was waiting for an investment partner, someone to test out her strategy. I took a leap of faith and made my nominal investment. Guess what? 15 days later, my profit had QUADRUPLED! This was that sweet secret sauce! And now you get to stir it and get paid!

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The reason why so many people fail at investing is because they are looking for the quick fix. They let their impatience get the better of them. They don’t let the strength of the platform they are on work its magic. Friends, MY SYSTEM IS MAGIC! Here is what you are SO CLOSE to learning by leveraging my Crypto Prophecy tool – Timing is Everything. I am giving you everything you need to be successful. It’s simple really – sell during the volatile trading day and buy during the calm night. Worried you won’t be able to recognize volatility ahead of the markets opening? NO WORRIES! That’s what my forward-thinking algorithm does for you! This is a FULL-PROOF an approach to investing as you will find!

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Tell me something. Really think about it. If crypto was such a losing bet, why are the world’s strongest economies going all in on the currency? Because it’s the furthest thing from a loser. The 1% is making a fortune in Bitcoin and the 1000’s of other crypto markets and they aren’t looking back. Friends let me be perfectly clear. I am the furthest thing from a financial guru. I’m simply a traditional-minded investor who recognized an opportunity in a HIGHLY STABLE, HIGHLY SECURE, HIGHLY PROFITABLE market and created a platform that delivers ROI ON AUTOPILOT! Don’t let the 1% have all the fun. Sell during the day, buy during the night – make your dreams come true! This is your time! This is your crypto moment!

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